Personnel. Competence
The main goal of the personnel policy is to solve the strategic tasks of the Company by attracting human resources, their motivation and optimal development. The main goals in the field of personnel management are:

- Constant dynamic development of the personnel management system that meets the strategic and current goals of the Company, based on the development of progressive effective systems of personnel motivation

- Optimization and redistribution of human resources within the Company, taking into account the set goals and objectives;

- Creation of the necessary conditions for effective professional and personal development of the personnel in order to ensure its functioning at a high level;

- Formation of a highly professional team through organization of a continuous process of training and advanced training.

The total number of employees of the Company is more than 250 people, among them:

- in the field of IT:

  • project managers
  • development team leaders
  • system architects
  • analysts (business, system)
  • developers
  • testers
  • designers
  • technical writers

- in the field of telecommunication and communication:

  • network infrastructure specialists
  • telecommunication specialists
  • PBX equipment specialists
  • information security specialists
  • engineering staff

- in the field of non-destructive testing and industrial safety:

  • experts and specialists in the field of NDT and industrial safety

- in the field of construction and design:

  • constructors
  • design engineers
  • maintenance engineers
  • working staff: electricians, electric welders, assemblers of metal ship hulls, assemblers