Company today
“Energodiagnostika” LLC provides a range of services

“Energodiagnostika” LLC provides a range of services for:

  • development and maintenance of software, information systems and databases;
  • smooth functioning of communication and server IT infrastructures;
  • assessment of technical condition of objects;
  • technical diagnostics;
  • industrial safety expertise;
  • certification;
  • design, construction, installation and commissioning of industrial and civil facilities, oil and gas complexes, nuclear energy facilities, shipbuilding.

"Energodiagnostika" LLC is constantly expanding the range of applications of its potential.

Highly qualified specialists are the pride and strength of the Company.

"Energodiagnostika" LLC has all the required permits and licenses for providing its core activities.

The Company has a modern material, technical and technological base, including more than 1,500 pieces of equipment and instruments. It has more than 70 patents for inventions and own developments. The results of the Company's intellectual activity are widely applied in practice.

The Company has sufficient resources to meet various customer requirements, including the development of regulatory and technical documentation. Key personnel positions of the Company are held by highly qualified specialists having huge scientific potential to solve the most complex technical problems in short order.

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Address: Block 1, Krzhizhanovskogo St. 21/33, Moscow 117218, Russian Federation
tel.: +7 (499) 124-27-37
fax: +7 (499) 125-74-66
Gas communication line: (700) 9-71-53, fax: (700) 9-71-54