Information technology
  • Development, implementation and maintenance of software, information systems and databases: automated information systems for processing and storing information, expert diagnostic databases, corporate information and analytical software, web resources for supporting and maintaining organizations, applications for stationary and mobile devices;
  • Audit, creation and modernization of IT infrastructures: cloud and local computing systems, solutions for control, backup and data storage; equipment, cable systems and auxiliary equipment for server infrastructure, application software;
  • Maintenance, repair and modernization of telecommunications infrastructure: classic and modern local and backbone networks, cloud and wireless network solutions, network equipment, software and hardware for processing, transmitting and storing information, providing communication, access control and management.
Design for all types of construction, reconstruction and overhaul of industrial, civil and energy facilities, including:
  • Pre-project preparation;
  • Development of design estimates;
  • Development of working documentation;
  • Development of budget documentation.
Construction, installation and commissioning
  • Electrical installation and commissioning:
    - distribution networks and substations up to 10 kV inclusive
    - autonomous and uninterruptible power supply systems based on DGU and UPS
    - indoor and outdoor electric lighting,
    - anti-icing systems for pipelines, gutters and roofs,
    - lightning protection and grounding,
    - automation systems for various purposes,
    - fire and security alarm systems,
    - access control and management systems,
    - video surveillance systems,
    - communication systems
  • Installation and commissioning of engineering systems of buildings:
    - air conditioning and ventilation systems,
    - refrigeration systems,
    - hot water and cold water systems,
    - heat supply systems, including individual and central heating points,
    - fire extinguishing systems
Technical diagnostics and examination
of industrial safety of hazardous production facilities
  • The Company carries out technical diagnostics and industrial safety expertise of hazardous production facilities, constantly expanding the range of services provided and applying new technologies aimed at improving the quality and increasing the volume of work performed.
Development of regulatory, technical and methodological documentation
  • "Energodiagnostika" LLC has developed the drafts of four Federal laws aimed at improving the legal regulation of relations referred to the development of hydrocarbons on the continental shelf of the Russian Federation.
  • The Company specialists have developed more than 150 regulatory and technical documents commissioned by PJSC “Gazprom” and its subsidiaries, including more than 70 standards and price lists mandatory for application by PJSC “Gazprom” subsidiaries and organizations.
  • The Company has experience in developing regulations for foreign companies.