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ENERGODIAGNOSTIKA LLC (ED) is one of the leading expert-diagnostic centers specializing in technical diagnostics, industrial safety expert appraisal, repair and maintenance of gas and oil industrial facilities, equipment and structures.

ED provides a full range of technology-driven inspection services using conventional and advanced NDT methods; Third Party Inspection (TPI); industrial safety expert evaluation; design engineering; commissioning and repair services, etc.

With more than 600 skilled employees and modern equipment, ED have the resources to support the inspection needs of the client, whether they are the large-scope projects or time-sensitive callout jobs.

Company's main resource is professionalism and decades-long experience of its specialists and managers. For years Company has been successfully providing services and solutions, that optimize customer performance in a safe and environmentally sound manner, for more than 100 clients worldwide.

Contact Information

Block 1,  Krzhizhanovskogo str. 21/33, Moscow, Russia, 117218

Tel.: (499) 124-27-37
Fax: (499) 125-74-66
Gaz tel.: (700) 9-71-53
Gaz fax: (700) 9-71-54
E-mail: office@energo-diagnostika.ru

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